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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

9 Best Date Movies - Great Romantic Movies to Watch With Her

Why Nine? Because everyone does it to 10. I thought of having "9" or "nine" open it up. But one of them has no romance at all and the other is simply horrible. Anyway, read on for the list.

Great Romantic date movies

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9. About a Boy- I have to give a shameful truth here, I really like Hugh Grant as an actor, I think his subdued English wit and charm are very cool. Charm and a self effacing nature are hard to pull off

8. There's Something About Mary- Pure funny, but the girls like it too

7. Return to Me- a guy falls in love with the girls that has gotten his dead wife's heart in a transplant operation. Not as bad as it sounds, even though it is a little corny. She will love it.

6. Say Anything- John Cusack playing his boombox outside of the girls window. Great stuff. Would never work in real life but the girls love it. A fairly funny movie too

5. Bull Durham- Baseball and funny, how could you go wrong. Oh there is some romance crap thrown in for the women too.

4. Jerry Maguire - If you have never seen it- it is a decent movie and the girls love it. If I hear one more, "you had me at hello" I might vomit, but if you have never tried it, give it a shot with a girl.

3. When Harry met Sally- A great chick flick, actually quite funny and humorous. For added enjoyment you can ask her to try to fake an orgasm from the restaurant scene.

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind- What can I say I really like this movie. It is a little weird, so your girl will have to be patient, but it really is a good movie

1. Princess Bride- Funny and amusing story, yet a little touching, it will leave you wanting to go and get the six fingered man.

9 Best Date Movies - Great Romantic Movies to Watch With Her

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