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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Debt Questions & Answers

can a debt collector frills your laying-off check?
we use direct deposit for our unemployment checks
Can a debt collector put a 13yr antiquated debt wager on on our credit report?
13 yrs ago we bought a car, by a hair`s breadth had it a year in the past they repossessed it. it was reported on our credit report for 7 yrs and have since been delete. all of a sudden, out of the blue, immediately that we are trying to buy a house, we get a collection memorandum for this 13 yr old debt. it is $3,000 and we hold never had that brand of money to repay that debt and still don't. can they re-instate this debt on our credit report if we do or don't respond in the 30 days? it isn't right!
Can a debt collector report a disputed item to a credit bureau?
I received a letter from a debt collection agency this chronological December. Because I did not recognize the debt, I disputed the item and asked for detail on what the debt be for (in December). I never received a response and followed-up in February, to which I also received no response. About three weeks ago, I sent a certified notification requesting the same information and own yet to hear from the agency. Then, I notice on my credit report last week that they hold reported this debt. Can they do this? Do I have any remedies below the law?
Can a debt collector speak beside me going on for my hubby's credit card debt?
I live in mississippi and the collector said he could lawfully speak to me about it, my hubby have not authorized this. The thing is i am not on the reason and he is telling me when the final time my hubby made a payment, and how much is olden due. He told me our credit will suffer (i am not on the account) He constantly calls and tries to achieve me to pay the debt or convey him i will give him such and such amount by the extension of the month. Will someone who knows mississippi tenet please help me?
Can a debt collector trimmings your wages on a debt specifically bygone the statute of limitations?
They have never provided my fiance near proof of what was owed and from our annals, it isnt even half of what they say aloud is owed. Now they sent us a letter almost 8 months letter next to a granishment paper supposedly from the courts surrounded by our area. can they do that short going to court or anything?
Can a debt consolidation smudge of credit be tax?
Would this be considered income if the bank writes me a check directly?
Can a mortgage company charge interest after the description holder have died?
My late father remortgaged his house to settle up off debts. He took the mortgage over 25 years at the age of 76! - for the life span of the mortgage he wouldn't have even made a dent contained by the capital owed. Now as executor of his estate, I find out the mortgage company own the deeds, so how can I sell his property to payment off the debt. They still want to charge interest even though I hold informed them of his death. Are they in their rights to do this?
Can a private student loan company accessories my wife's wages or property or cars?
I decided to progress to medical school and terminated up borrowing $150,000 and all be private student loans. I borrowed $70,000 before I get married. All the loans are in my describe and no one else signed for them. I also own $45,000 in credit card debt adjectives in my term and she was never added to any of the accounts. I am inoperative, but studying to pass my medical exams. The private student loan creditors are requesting fee now, which as you would expect I can't send them. My wife is paying stale my credit card debt and she still hopes to save our credit. If it get to the point of a lawsuit and they win can the private student loan company garnish any of my wife's wages? How just about if we get a divorce will that prevent them from garnishing her wages? Property? Cars? I am living contained by Florida. Any input is appreciated.
Can an average credit chalk up of 610 and really no outstanding debt draw from an unsecured credit card?
also does it hurt my credit or help me when i get hold of a card? i only enjoy a secured one that ive been great on for 3 years and a coup¨| loan that was never past due and pay more towards principal. ive be trying to repair my credit and im wondering if now i can grasp an unsecured card now that everything is pretty much better?
Can anyone describe how much would be the modest interest rate on debt consolidation loan?
is debt consolidation ,a good conception to pay bad credit card bills?
Can anyone enlighten me nearly professional debt arbitrators?
Their brochure mentions "customized savings plan" and say generally they hold average settlement of approx. 35% of balances owed. This outfit have an "Inc." and does charge fee according to debt amount. About how much? Anyone know? If someone could better explain this I'd know whether or not this is my best method of getting out of debt. I've posted b4, saying I've terribly good credit. How would a "settlement" process affect my devout credit? Would it lower my score (735)? I'm a renter next to 4 ccards-three of which carry High APRs. I'm thinking going on for using my credit union for a lower interest loan to payment off these cards. Anybody hold suggestions. I'm a disabled senior living on m'socialsec and want to get my debt down or gone. Anybody? I don't comparatively understand this "stash plan"...Would I save surrounded by my own personal account and not beside them? I don't think I'd be comfortable sending them money to accumulate for me. Who has have any experience with this type outfit? Thanks contained by advance; you're adjectives gr8
Can anyone here explain how credit works?
My sister signed up for a debt management plan and she received her bill from one of her creditors relating her that she owes them late charges and fees because the transmittal was made belated by the debt management plan company. Will she be sent to the bill collector if she don't wage the late charges or should she only just pay the delayed charges anyway?
Can anyone lend a hand?
i'm tryin gto get myself out of debt, what do i necessitate to do? i want my life pay for. i want to start a family. i want to buy a house. how can this be cleared.
Can anyone moved country and disappeared debt unpaid?
I have ,resembling lots of other , loan (4gr) and credit card.Ive decided to move country and not come subsidise, as my husband family live within other country.Can i just forget in the order of that debt?My bank be riping me off for 2 years and i still didnt foot a penny on my loan , just interest.Im so tired of this.Can they do something?Im sure someone did that up to that time.Thanks for help
can anyone moved country and not here unpaid debts?
i have roughly speaking 3-4 grand loan , but i moving to other country, getting married and i dont own job all the same and savings so im startled if i stopped pay for a while until im settle they find me and give somebody a lift to court or something.Or they may not find me and write my debt off.I hear that possible?Anybody know?
Can attorneys charge interest on a credit debt settled surrounded by court?
I was delinquent on a credit card bill and the company took me to court. We come to a payment agreement of 200 a month. When the attorney for the company sent me a statement only just any of the bill had be paid rotten because they were charging me outrageous interest. I thought if this go to court and made a payment agreement that the interest and adjectives other charges stopped. Am I wrong?
Can auto loans be piece of a debt consolidation loan?
If so, does anyone know where to catch one with the auto loan?
can Bailiffs lug my stuff??
Hey i live in uk, my parent have the Bailiffs coming round 2moro to collect stuff for a council tax debt, i own the most expensive things surrounded by the house as i have save birthday and Christmas money to get them, are they aloud to nick my stuff as the debt is not mine. also this bill was rewarded they just utter it wasn't we have proven this as they own see a bank statement but enunciate it takes 4 weeks for it to clear we just paid it a week ago when the asked for it so !!dont articulate pay up!
Can bill collectors intimate or portray themselves as a lawyer bureau to collect a debt?
I recently have been dealing near what I thought was a lawyer office in relation to a bill. They would never really accept our offer to set up a payment plan, stating they could solely accept full salary or they would file suit. Come to find out they be just a collection agency. Is in attendance anything I can do?
Can buying deserted lots give a hand my credit?
I have $10k debt paying past its sell-by date $200 per mth, my credit score is 620 but looking increase my debt to ratio buy purchasing unfilled lots. My plan is to buy 1 to 3 lots per month to build my assets and use as collateral at my credit union for a personal loan. Can buying unpopulated lots help my credit?Thank you contained by advance!Future Amercian Express Cardholder
Can CCJ be record if i stopped my gym devotion?
I stopped direct debit, giving the gym a month notice, a year then debt collectors are on my case and i hold not received any letters, cos i moved. I am not sure what to do presently.
Can Collection Agencies do this??
I recently received a see from a collection agency from my last apartment. When I call they stated that we can setup a 3-month plan to pay it sour. Which was fine. But the personage turned around and said that we cannot guarantee that this collection will not be reported to the credit bureaus. Then I asked what is the purpose of me paying off the debt if it's still going to be reported. She didn't own an answer. My question is if I'm paying in good time each month to PAYOFF the debt and on the dot. Could they really still report the amount to the credit bureaus?
Can collection agency contact you for more money after the reward is payed stale?
Can collection agency contact you for more money after the payment is payed past its sell-by date?I payed the delinquent sum in full on 2/14/07.They contacted me 2/26/07 to wages daily interest charges acquire from 1/24/07 to 2/14/07. He didn't mention anything about latter payment when I be paying the entire debt on 2/14/07.What can I do?
can collections be removed from credit report even if ligitmate?
I have one debt un remunerated the rest of my credit is in suitable standing. It was a medical bill that go to collections. At the time I didn't have the money for the operation and be not covered by my insurance. My mother told me she would help me payment it and regretably I signed to have it done. to bring in a long story short she told me she payed it but now its gone to collections. Under the circumstances do you feel its possible to cut a deal and bring it removed from my credit report? I think I could retribution half the amount and consequently another half winthin the year. Any Suggestions would be long-suffering thanks.
Can credit card companies freeze your sandbank accounts if you don't discharge?
I'm looking to settle my credit card accounts, and have stopped paying them for one month. I get after several months they will try to settle for less later the actual amount owed, or I can work with a debt settlement company. I'm concerned though, that they can freeze, or directly annul money from my bank statement to pay on those debts.I live surrounded by Pennsylvania and have see cases similiar to this on Judge Judy and those types of shows.
Can credit card companies lug your home ?
I owe 40,000 in unsecured credit card debt. I own my home outright. I am on public assistance and going to college. I am a single mom of 5. I live in the state of Maine. Can they lift my home? Can they force me to sell? I will not know how to pay until im done next to school contained by 4 years. Im six months behind contained by my bills. They already are taking me to court, havent been served but but they told me so. If they "just" put a lien , how bad does the interest append up? What happens if I rebuke it until I die? Will my children be forced to sell it? Can they maintain it? So upset and confused.
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