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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Vista Inspirat 2 | Theme OS Windows

Vista Inspirat 2

it doesn't slow down your PC !
It easy to install and configuration

- Icons to customize Windows XP / Windows Vista (.ico files). These files are automatically recognized by Windows and therefore can be used on a shortcut or a folder with the option « Change Icon » (right click >> properties). You can also use a program like IconTweaker that will let you change your icons quickly and easily.

- PNG icons (.png files). These files can be used with application such as Docks (RK Launcher, RocketDock, ObjectDock...) or widget managers (Samurize, AveDesk...)

- Desktop wallpapers to customize your desktop under Windows, Linux, Mac OS X or even on your PSP !

- Skins for applications such as Firefox, Winamp, Windows Live Messenger...

- Visual Styles that modify the appearance of Windows XP. Before applying a Visual Style you will have to patch your uxtheme.dll (for free) or install StyleXP (not for free).

- 3D animation videos. To play these files you may need a specific software (i.e. QuickTime for .mov files) or video codecs (i.e. DivX).

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