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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

ASUS Rampage II Extreme

              ASUS has been a long-time supporter of the overclocking scene, and it's been proven in the past on this site many times. We've taken a look at each one of their most-popular "enthusiast" boards, and overall, I can honestly state that they are some of the best offerings available. It's not so much that they overclock to incredible heights (which most of them do), but it's the ease-of-use that ASUS focuses on that actually makes their boards a joy to overclock with.
As of today, though, it's hard to look at their previous offerings the same way again. I have a question mark in the title of this article, but in all reality, it could easily be an exclamation mark, because after you see what steps ASUS has taken to build their RIIE as the ultimate overclocking board, you might very-well agree that it deserves one.
We're going to tackle the majority of the overclocking-related information on the respective page, but for now, let's take a trip around the board itself and see what it offers even before we boot up.

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