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Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Event Easter Eggs | Ninja Saga

New Event Easter Eggs 21 Thursday 2011consisting of : Easter Eggs Hunting, Gift An Eggs, etc
Untiil 11/5/2011.
Easter Egg Hunting
(Here you can know claim rewards, from eggs / Monster Eggs until requirements are met)
(Collect Easter Eggs,Here you can get a monster eggs and eggs, but also can give friends a Clues ForEaster Monsters)
(Gift an Egg, You can give eggs to friends, to the need to get rewards)

(Hunting Eggs , if you want to fight Hunting Easter Eggs, you have totake the Clue Owned, how to take the clue is, take the gift from your friend is on the second picture sample)
(Send and Get Clue, here it is if you take a clue from the gift, eastereggs huntingya will be open according to which you took earlier)

I gave a little post, for any insight ..

Fast Easter Eggs will expire on 05/11/2011.
Cheat 1 Hit Easter Eggs :

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