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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


          Product Code H545HR2G EAN Code 4895139004946 Cooler Heatsink GPU 5450 Core Clock 650 MHz Memory Clock 1000 MHz Memory Size 2048 MB Memory Type DDR3 Memory Interface 64 bit Interface PCI-Express x16 (PCI-Express 2.1) Box Dimension 16.8X 23.5 X 4.8 cm cm (HxWxD) Box Weight 0.34 kg Availability Available

Microsoft DirectX® 11 Support
ATI RadeonTM HD 5400 Series GPUs fully support Microsoft DirectX® 11, enabling the following:
  • Tessellation is now available to PC developers for real-time rendering with ultra-realistic characters and an incredible level of detail with 3D images
  • HDR Texture compression delivers an intense level visual detail without increasing graphics memory footprint with efficiency and incredible image quality
  • Multi-threading support for DirectX® 11 accelerates rendering by leveraging all the CPU cores for overall faster gaming performance
  • DirectCompute improves PC performance by taking on some or all of a DirectX 11-enabled application's processing load, freeing up the computer's
Microsoft® Windows 7®
Designed to deliver all the benefits of Microsoft Windows 7 OS including built-in drag and drop transcoding
ATI RadeonTM HD 5400 Series Key Features
  • 292 million 40nm transistors
  • TeraScale 2 Unified Processing Architecture
    • 80 Stream Processing Units
    • 8 Texture Units
    • 16 Z/Stencil ROP UnitsPolygon throughput: 650M polygons/sec
  • Data fetch rate (32-bit): 20.8 billion fetches/sec
  • Texel fill rate (bilinear filtered): 5.2 Gigatexels/sec
  • Pixel fill rate: 2.6 Gigapixels/sec
  • Processing power (single precision): 104 GigaFLOPS
  • Compliant with DirectX® 11 and earlier revisions
  • ATI Stream technology
  • Designed for DirectCompute 11 and OpenCL
  • Accelerated Video Transcoding (AVT)
  • Compliant with DirectX® 11 and earlier revisions
  • Supports OpenGL 3.2
  • ATI AvivoTM HD video and display technology
  • ATI PowerPlayTM technology
  • ATI CrossFireX™ multi-GPU technology
    • Dual GPU scaling
  • PCI Express® 2.1 support

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