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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Student Loan Debt Negotiation - Will it Help?

Student loan debt is growing as the costs of tuition increase, but there is help for graduates in the way of student loan debt consolidation. Specially designed debt consolidation loans are offered to those with student debt, especially through a number of different agencies and companies, so they can be consolidated into one loan with one monthly payment and due date. This also often allows for the opportunity to reduce interest rates and protect your credit from late payments and past due account statuses.

There are two main ways to reduce student debt: student debt consolidation loans and student debt negotiation. We briefly mentioned consolidation loans above and to add, always make sure you take the time to research the debt consolidation companies and loans you are most interested in to make sure the loan company and consolidation company are reputable and solid. Also, take time to compare the different student debt consolidation loans available to find the right one for you. This should include comparing the overall amount of the loan, the interest rates available, length of the loan, the proposed monthly payment and due date and how flexible the company is if you get into a financial bind, like the loss of a job or major injury.

Student debt negotiation is a little different and you don't need a consolidation loan for it. Debt negotiation is the art of contacting your creditors and negotiating with them to lower interest rates, monthly payments and overall balance of the loan for a payout amount.

If you are in a position to pay one of your student loans off, call the manager in charge of your account and talk with them about a settle amount or lump sum payment. This can often save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, just by offering them a cash lump sum payment to take care of the loan. If you are in a good loan status with the company, you can also try and talk them down to a lower interest rate and/or monthly payment. Don't take no for an answer, make sure you are talking to someone authorized to negotiate your account.

When considering student debt consolidation it's important to look at all the options available and find the right one for you and your situation in order to gain the most benefit for your current situation and financial future.

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