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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How To Forbear, Defer Or Consolidate Student Loan Payments

There are times that come up in your life where you are going to have to pay a grip load of debt or emergencies happen that make the wallet a little thin. That is fine because life happens and many people look for ways to cut back. One of those ways is delaying a student loan payment that is probably going to take you many years anyways.

Putting off a student loan will cause you to simply spend less now and more down the road. That can be a hassle, but at times it will get you out of a jam. Often with money it is making it day to day when you are fresh out of college and trying to climb the corporate ladder or attempting to start your own business.

Deferment is one option to take a look at to put off your loans. This is when it really is tough and you can not pinch out even another dollar for a student loan payment. This is a time period that you will have to negotiate with your lender as to how long that will be before you start paying again.

During this time you will continue to pay interest if your loan is unsubsidized. If it is subsidized by the government then they will be nice enough to take care of it for you during that period. Whatever situation it is you are going to have to come to the table with your lender with a pretty good excuse as to why you can't pay the student loan for a certain period.

Forbearance is the second option and this will give you three months of no payments and this is easier than deferment because you will not have to exude a crisis. Instead just let them know if you have to make a down payment on an apartment, a down payment on a car, get surgery and might be out of work for a while, or whatever floats your boat.

The final option is consolidation and this is something that many students take to take care of their loans. This is the practice of bunching your loans into one big massive loan to pay off. Many student loans are $300 a month and this would allow you to pay only one payment for $300 a month instead of having numerous $300 payments.

This is easier to pay off and doesn't cause the confusion of paying so many bills. This option I would only use if you don't intend to go to any more school because it could hurt your chances to get subsidized again by the government for a grant or other private lenders. This loan will obviously take longer so try to pay off as much as you can each month or your interest could kill you down the road.

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