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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Student Loan Consolidation Fraud - Beware of scams

Since the majority of students are not known for a lot of money, it seems unwise for a thief, this goal. However, some people are willing, even from students who are already strapped for cash to steal. Thanks to a lot of good press in recent years the many benefits of student loan consolidation are clearly visible. You can prevent success in student loan consolidation fraud involving a number of municipalitiesMeaning.

Fraud student loan consolidation: Social Security Number Scam

A fraud, that people who use student loan consolidation scam uses e-mail and phone calls, apparently from the headquarters of financial institutions. Contact students reported working with student loans. Often provide basic information and are sometimes able to get the names, phone numbers and email addresses of studentsApplying the granting of scholarships. This limitation of you are invited to send information with a part of the revision, if not all, the Social Security Number.

This type of fraud is not new. For many years a crook like has been to countless spam e-mail, asking recipients "for now our security." The e-mail you can use these fraudsters are quite officially. These tricks have worked previously, in particular with users of eBay and PayPal.

What to Watch

Student Consolidation loans also use fraudulent e-mails, mailings and phone calls that the following signs of fraud include:

- Inability of low interest rates

- Errors in spelling and grammar

- Letters or e-mail written exclusively in capital letters

- The address of a company you've never contacted before

What to do if you have been Scammed

The first thing you should do if you feel you were cheated out of student loans> Consolidation of fraud is on the right details in relation to your interactions with society. Then contact the creditor and the Better Business Bureau, so they are aware of the fraud.

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